Garmin 665 Install

I sold the Garmin 550 and replace it with the newer 665, it fits much better on the Jon's dash mount. Now the bottom of the Zumo does not cover up the upper part of the speedometer. I also at this time mounted the 665 with a locking Touratech mount. It made the 665 more stable and easier to read. You would have to rip off the dash mount to steal it now.

As you can see the 665 sits right up in line of sight, easy to see, yet does not block any of my view of the road.

View from the top side

I cut a notch in the bottom of the dash for the wire loom.

If you looked at the Zumo 550 install you would see that the XM antenna puck was put on the dash mount. Its magnetic so it just stuck there. There is a know issue with the 665 that if the XM antenna is within 10" or so of the Zumo it will interfere with the Bluetooth. So, I moved the XM antenna to the trunk. I used a standard mount used for mounting the XM antenna to the handlebar, it just slips down in between the  trunk and the back rest, works great there.