This is my "Hanger". I already had the two wheel trailer and built this box for around $175.00. As you can see, it's held on with 4 ratchet straps, so it's very easy to unload to use the trailer for other things if necessary.

I used 5 sheets of 1/2" plywood and 12 8' 2X4's.  As you can see right now I carry 2 120 size Long Johns, and I have room for the Giant Stinger under  construction. 

The wing rack is built using PVC pipe and covered with foam pipe insulation. This Long John has a OS .90FX engine.

My ole' reliable Long John. This one has had several engines but now is flow with OS .60FSR with tuned pipe. This airplane is over 15 years old and has served me well.

I have wired the trailer with a commercial timer. It is set to charge for 2 hrs each day from 10-12 AM. When I return from flying I plug in the cord, reset the timer and manually turn it on. It then will charge till 12 noon the next day, and then return to charging 2 hrs. per day. When I get ready to fly, just unplug the extension cord and go. Everything is loaded, charged up and ready to go!