This Long John was built in Feb. 1986. It originally had a OS 60 with Prop Drive unit. It now flies with just the OS 60. Yes I still fly this airplane!!

This Pitts biplane was built in Aug of 86. It had OS 25. Never did fly very well.

Kalt Barron Helicopter built in June of 85. They are a handful to fly, but lots of fun.

Another Long John built in Nov. of 87. This one had OS 120 four stroke engine. Never did like the four stroke and eventually sold the engine on eBay. This airplane has been recovered and is the one below that's red, white and blue.

Great Planes Cap 21 built in May of 86. This "was" a great flying airplane. Radio glitch put this one in the ground. Have the parts to rebuild but has been sitting since late 86. Maybe some day I will put it back together.

This is the same Long John above. I have recovered it, added a OS 90 engine.