Construction Begins (1/20/03)


You can see the balsa square stock in the wing. There were two of these per wing, one on each side. This adds strength. A hole had to be cut for the aileron servo.

This is how I cut the aileron hole in the wing. I bent this wire and used it on my soldering gun. It worked great!!

Next you can see the piece cut out and the slot cut in the wing. The slot will be for a plywood joiner to join the two wing halves together.

This is the wire on my soldering iron I used to cut the plywood joiner slot. I bent the wire to match width of plywood. Made a nice clean slot!

Some of the balsa stock glued together to make large sheet for wing covering.

Here I am gluing the wing sheeting to the wing surface. Using the shads from the wings, you lay the balsa sheet in the bottom, cover with epoxy, add the wing on top, cover with the top shad, and weight down until the epoxy dries. I am doing on side at a time. You could do both sides of the wing at once, but I wanted to make sure I got it done right!

Steel plates for weight to form the balsa sheeting to the wing surface.