For the first time since all our children have married we got them all together for a family vacation. We rented a house on Loch Lomond in Bella Vista for 4 days and 5 nights. We spent all the days fishing, swimming, skiing and just having a good all around time. The guys made it to the golf course on Friday while the woman went shopping. We hope to make this a annual trip. Those in attendance: James and Gloria Graham, Greg, Jamie, Alexis, Johnae and Presley Graham, Jason and Beatriz Graham, and Jill and Lance James.

Back view of the house, this is from about halfway to the lake.

Now looking from halfway down to the lake, yup, kinda steep and long stairs to go up and down. We definitely got a good workout each day.

Gregs boat

Jamie, Presley and Gloria outside on the upper deck.

Gloria and Presley

Lance and Jill

Jamie, Presley and Johnae