Friday we rode the Lime Creek Road route and had a late lunch at Coopers in Llano. I will try and get as many names as possible

                                                                                                                    Ron from Canada checking out his bike while Steve from Mansfield watches

Steve talking to Barry from Chillicothe                                                                                              First gas stop

Erol from Quanah, Barry, Teresa (Brian's wife) Bill from Quanah, Bruce from El Passo, Steve, Kathy and JD from Alpine, Darrel, Steve's Daughter, Darrel's Wife

Billy, Erol, and Barry                                                              Kathy, JD, Darrel, Brian from Abilene, Teresa

JD, Darrell, Brian, Teresa, Bruce, Steve, Billy, Barry and Erol

Rest stop after Lime Creek Road

Teresa and Brian

Next Rest Stop


                                                                                                                    Coopers parking lot at Llano

Standing in line to eat                                                             Pick what you want right off the grill

The pork loin was fantastic!!!!                                                    Billy had the ribs, now there are some BIG ribs.