The Graham Family lights are located in Chillicothe, Texas. Turn south at the stop light (only one in town) go exactly one mile. Chillicothe is located on US Highway 287 halfway between DFW and Amarillo.


New for 2011, mega tree now has 4 colors and all LED lights, leaping arches are now Cosmic Color Ribbons, and mini trees are now made from Coro plastic.



Back to the mega tree and replaced Icicle lights on the house with LED's. 8 songs this year. Videos links below



This year instead of a mega tree I will be using a 14' diameter trampoline frame. Also new this year will be a shooting star. Wizards of Winter returns along with 6 new songs.

Inside Christmas Tree, Our packages wrapped up and stacked, with lighted garland hanging from ceiling.

Pictures for 2008

New Videos from 2008 below


Update for 2007:
Expanding channels from 48 to 112. This year will see the return of the Mega tree, 6 more mini trees for total of 16 which will be in a long row this year. Also new this year will be 4 Leaping Arches, and possible if time allows a Shooting Star. More decorative trees will be added to the forest. Wizards of Winter will return for 07 along with 5 other new songs.

Pictures for 2007


My first attempt at a mega tree

16 strings of mini lights half white, half green, 10' tall, 16' diameter
Center pole is 10' 1 1/4" conduit pipe, outer circle is 37' of 2" plastic water pipe.
I welded 4 half chain links at the top and zip tied 4 strings of lights to each link
I had everything on hand except the lights, 16 strings at just under 2.00 each
Total cost, less than 50.00 including 4 extension cords
For 2006 I will be adding triple the lights to fill in the tree, there will be total of 48 strings,
half green half white and will add a lighted star on the top.

Starting in 2006 they will be animated using


Night time view

Started on my mini trees, there will be 10 in all. For 2006 there will be 300 clear lights per tree.

Here are first five

Here they are all lit up

All ten trees have been built and the controllers have arrived. I have all the songs sequenced and ready to go. Lights will be controlled by Light-O-Rama controllers. This year I will have total of 48 channels to work with. If you are interested in these types of displays be sure to check out Planet Christmas There you will find tons of information about Christmas decorating.

This is my portable electric box. Electric company put in a new transformer in 2007. I have two meters, one for the house and one for the shop. The lights will run off the shop meter so they will have not affect on my house. In 2007 my electric bill just went up about 50.00 per month to run the Christmas lights.

These are the 3 16 channel Light 0 Rama controllers I will be using this year.

I made this sign several years ago using C-9 lights and Computer disks. This year I will divide the lights up and control each one separate with LOR.

Picture of everything lit up. Small lights on the left are the manger scene characters and the square lit up on the right is the "tune to" sign. Tune your radio to 89.5 FM to hear the music synced to the lights. Show runs every night from Thanksgiving to New Years, 6-10 PM.

More pictures click here


2012 Videos

Amazing Grace

Music Box Dancer

Christmas Eve (Sarejevo)

34 Street

Wizards in Winter


2011 Videos

Amazing Grace

Wizards in Winter

Leroy the Redneck Reindeer

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Santa Claus is Watching You

O Holy Night

Frosty the Snowman
(will be up next week)

2009 Videos

Bruce Broughton Overture Miracle on 34th Street

Amazing Grace

Angels We Have Heard on High

Christmas Eve Sarajevo

Joy to the World

Silent Night

Snoopy and the Red Barron Christmas

Wizards in Winter

2008 Videos

Bruce Broughton Overture Miracle on 34th Street

Amazing Grace

Monique Danielle Carol of the Bells

Jingle Bells

Music Box Dancer

Winter Wonderland

Wizards of Winter by Trans Siberian Orchestra

2007 Videos

Silent Night by Anne Murray

Christmas Eve (Sarajevo) Trans Siberian Orchestra

Angels We Have Heard on High

Wizards of Winter by Trans Siberian Orchestra

Joy to the World by Anne Murray

Redneck 12 Days of Christmas

2006 Videos

Silent Night by Anne Murray

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

Mad Russian Christmas by Trans Siberian Orchestra

Feliz Navida by Jose Feliciano

Away in a Manger by Anne Murray

Wizards of Winter by Trans Siberian Orchestra