This was my first recumbent, a Sun EZ-1sc lite. I put over 800 miles on this bike before upgrading to a even more comfortable bike.

This was my second recumbent, a Vision R-42 full suspension. It is very comfortable and I have put nearly 3,000 miles on this bike.

Gloria bought this double side by side recumbent for us to ride together. It is a BuddyCycle. Not very fast but is a blast to ride around town on.

My next recumbent went to three wheels, a 2003 Catrike Speed

I then bought this one of a kind prototype Catrike, but found the extreme laid back seat was just not for me. I only had this trike three days before selling it.

This was my next trike, a 2005 Catrike Speed

Next was this Catrike 700

May 5, 2014, sold the Catrike 700 and bought this Cannondale Easy Rider

Added this Bacchetta CA2 on October 28th, 2016