Storm came through Chillicothe on 6/16/08 at approx 7:00PM. We had hail falling for over 30 min and reached just over golf ball size at times. Wind was pretty bad and we had lots of damage throughout the town. Here are some pictures I took after the storm.

This is my mother in laws building down town, the top of the wall is where all the bricks came from.

The fire department uses the back to store the grass fire trucks, no damage to the inside, just the outside wall.

The pile of metal is the top of the tank you see in the picture. We built these 3 tanks last year.

This is the first tank without the top

Another view of same tank

Second tank in line, third tank is not damaged

This little store room was right next to the 3 tanks and elevator leg. The box and pipe that are bent is part of the electronic car loading equipment..

These are box cars that we own, blown off the track and lying on their sides.

Two UPS trucks took cover behind the Dairy Queen, but they got hit by some tanks that blew across the rail road tracks from the Renuau Elevator

This tank knocked a couple of small holes in the side of the trailer.

We were pretty lucky at the house, no damage at all. Lots of tree limbs down around town. Jason lost part of his fence and one broken window. Downtown buildings lost lots of windows and I am sure lots of windows lost in houses around town. Famers Lumber company had several stock tanks for sale and they are scattered all over down town. There is one tank in front of the fire station just across the street from my mother in laws building and "may" be what cause the brick wall damage. Electricity was off till about 3 AM.