Going around curve on Friday morning November 7th and someone had spilled something slick on the road. Back tire went out from under me and bike went down on right side. I went sliding down the pavement on my backside watching my bike spin around on the pavement and stop about 20 yards away. Damage was mostly cosmetic, but totaled up to about 3K. I was wearing a brand new two day old Olympia Phantom suit and it did its job. Back has black streaks all over it and one spot on my butt is worn through.

Broke off the highway board and scratch up the engine guard

Broke off highway board

Scratches on muffler

Rear crash guard did its job, its bent up about 2" besides the big grind spot.

Brand new exhaust turn downs, been on less than 2 weeks.

Right hand saddle bag door and trim got scratched up a bit.

upper Baker wind wing broke off

Pants leg, the dark part of the yellow is actually a highly reflective material, but now cover with black off the road.

Back side of my Phantom suit. Looks worse in person.

Ballistic Nylon on butt worn through where I slid down the road.

Found the front fender cracked when I went to replace the chrome shock cover, now I know how it got broken, it must have hit something.